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Our design strategy is grounded in finding the right balance between the image, user experience, the product features, the company objectives and desired results. When this all works in harmony, we can then create a competitive advantage for your retail project that not only performs but inspires.

Design is the essential appreciation of both form and function. Only with inspiring design are we able to create the balance of space and brand necessary to form unique and long-lasting business. We do this understanding consumer’s behaviours, trends, planning constraints and all other variables impacting the retail scenario. With decades of design experience and thousands of successful projects, we comprehend the kind of experiences consumers want to have, but we also understand all the necessary details that could bring lower building and maintenance costs. All this forming a distinctive experience for all involved.

Above all, TRG not only consistently delivers great designs but is a one stop solution. We provide a seamless integration between design, architectural documentation or contract admin and project management services.