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Architectural Documentation

At TRG, we make sure a pure space design creation can come to life with the support of our knowledgeable documentation team. TRG has a rewarding history of involvement in building and interior designs, some created by us, some created by others. They came to fruition as a result of comprehensive analysis of its buildability and consequent precise formulation of technical designs and plans.

We are proud to be this bridge between Designers and Builders; between pure and creative design and the final space. This demands not only technical expertise but also the ability to recreate, adapt, propose and ultimately deliver plans that can be easily understood by different stakeholders. We always aim to provide a collaborative and responsive approach in areas such as value management by providing solutions for our clients without compromising the design.

We also recognise that this must be delivered in a professional environment with critical deadlines, where precision is crucial, and any mistakes can be costly. Another trace of our architectural documentation services is its collaborative approach, where different stakeholders; clients, designers, engineers, consultants, are constantly involved and advised about the project’s progress and status. Our ability to produce high quality and well-coordinated plans in a prompt period is one of our most important differentials.