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Marcio Crispim / Director

Marcio joined the team in 2005 and has since been responsible for overall business development, strategic planning and business oversight. With a background in Economics, Commerce, Business and Project Management, Marcio has contributed and influenced the creation of new work processes and systems that deliver solutions to address the challenges of the modern practice.


With a deep experience in practice management, Marcio continues to work on TRG’s expansion, making sure business processes and systems, including Finance, Human Resources and Technology can come together in harmony.


Marcio also has an important role in developing continuous relationships with key clients, assisting them with their initiatives. His involvement capitalises on his strength to both listen to and interpret clients’ ideas and objectives, making sure TRG can put together specialist teams capable of working as an extension of our clients’ internal teams while utilising the resource and strengths of TRG’s offices across the country, ultimately delivering their projects seamlessly.





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